Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kitt Peak

Well, HELLO there! It has been forrreeeever since I've posted.
I have a good reason though. Well, they might not be all that good: ;)

1) March was so physically and emotionally draining, that it has taken this long to recuperate.
2) I had to step down from the design team at Scrapping 4 Fun Challenges 
for personal reasons.  :( 
3) The creativity juices were completely dry and it was difficult to get inspired.
4) I have been SO drained after work that I barely have enough energy to eat dinner (especially on nights when I tutor).
5) And my weekends have been too busy.

So how have you been lately?  :D
Well, folks, I finally had enough of this no-crafty-inspiration thing, so I decided to search for a challenge blog to spark my creativity and I came across this sketch from scrap-challenge-yourself.

The purpose of this challenge blog is to include yourself in your layouts. Kind of a difficult thing when I prefer to be behind the camera. ;)

Now, I must confess that I almost decided against this challenge because the sketch was a bit too "busy" for me.  I know, I know: there's lots of "white" space. I think the circles were throwing me off. 
Anyway, here is my interpretation:

See that sweet, little, old lady? That's my husband's granny. She was 90 at that time! She is 99 and STILL travels alone.  Oh, and that large dome behind us? A telescope. :D
(Supplies: cardstock; scraps; "wooden" stars, star stamp, & large sticker letters- Ali Edwards; washi tape)

The journaling reads:
On my 2nd trip to Arizona, my hubby (boyfriend at the time) surprised me with a trip, on my birthday, to Kitt Peak observatory. We had to walk around quietly due to the astronomers & scientist sleeping. Seeing those gigantic telescopes was pretty amazing. By the way, getting there required us to go around & around the edge of the mountain. Scary!

Well, that's all for now.  I SO appreciate you hanging in there till the end. :D

Happy Crafting,