Friday, July 26, 2013

Cards & Crochet

 Hello All,

I'm back to share ANOTHER baby card.  :)   I made this card long ago for another of my husband's coworkers.  (Now I know why I make so many baby cards!)  I didn't have much time to make this card, but luckily, his coworker liked it.  I took this picture at night, so I had terrible lighting.  I apologize for that. 


I mentioned in an earlier post that I also enjoy sewing.  Well, another of my interests is crocheting.  My 8th grade teacher taught us girls to crochet (Thanks Mrs. Kidd!!).  However, I must admit that I didn't pick up a crochet needle again till AFTER college!!!!  (Sorry, Mrs. Kidd!!)  Needless to say, my crochet skills need improvement, but I find it relaxing.  So here is one of my current crochet projects.

When I started this scarf, I didn't realize how LONG I had made the beginning row, so I crocheted the ends together & turned it into an infinity scarf.  This is the "lace" technique and my first time trying it.  Below is a picture of a closer view.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting,

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