Saturday, November 23, 2013

Birthday Bash!

Happy Weekend!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Mine has been great so far. :)

I have been working on some layouts for the past couple of weeks.  And even though I completely enjoy this craft, I found myself getting super frustrated.  One of the reasons for my frustration is the fact that I don't always have the right colors, patterns/style of papers or embellishments.  Another reason is that my layouts don't look like the cool, trendy, popular ones in magazines or online. 
But I finally came across a quote that was eye-opening & sooo liberating [insert a chorus of angels singing here ;)]:

               "If I create from the heart, nearly everything works;
                if from the head, almost nothing."  -Marc Chagall 

BINGO.  So I just need to do the best I can with my limited resources and stop overthinking things. 
Kind of ironic now that I think of it.  The reason I named my blog "Heart 'n Soul Crafts" is because those are ingredients in each of my projects.  Ay ya yay!

Sorry for the wordy intro.  Here is one of my "overthinking" layouts. :)

(Supplies: pattern paper- Recollections, cardstock, sequins, stickers, stitching)

It saddens me to know that he is my last living grandparent, but I'm glad for moments like these.  And at 92, he is still able to do a lot on his own.
Well, time for me to go create from my heart. :)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as always, THANK YOU for stopping by.

Happy Crafting,


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