Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And the Envelope Goes to.....


How are you fabulous folks doing?  Well, in my previous post I mentioned that I was cleaning and rearranging my craft/guest/storage room.  I'm not quite done with it, so I haven't been crafting up a storm yet.  But I was itching to do something "creative" last night.  And I needed something that was quick, simple and didn't require too many tools.  And that's when an idea came to mind: envelopes! :) 

I always feel that my cards are incomplete without an envelope.  When my honey requests a card for a coworker or I give one, we never use an envelope.  The ones I have aren't the correct size.  But last night I discovered a site that has templates for different envelopes.  Yipppeeee!!!!  Now, I'm sure most or all of you have been creating your own envelopes since forever.  But mine never came out the right size.  So here is the link for those of you who might want it:

And the envelope goes to: pattern paper envelopes.

Here is the stack I made using various pattern papers. 

Here are some pictures of individual envelopes.
Front side (Top).  Back side (bottom)

 Back side (Top).  Front side (bottom)

 Back side (Top).  Front side (bottom)

 Supplies: pattern paper, template of envelope, scissors, glue, bone folder, ruler.  You could use a foam pad when scoring the lines, but not required.
The template I used for these ones is from Jessica Jones at
No more naked, I mean, incomplete cards!  ;)  Thank you so much for your visiting me today. 
Happy Crafting,

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