Friday, November 1, 2013

Pasta Placemats

Happy Weekend!!

Did you enjoy Halloween?  We sure did.  Aside from being a fun, spooky holiday, it's also my mum's birthday.  :)  So we got together, ate a LOT, and the little ones went trick or treating.  

Well, today I will be sharing the gift that I made for my momma.  A while back she got a new table that seats 8 people.  Yes, it's a big table, but it's also a big family. :p  So what do you think I made her?.... That's right! Placemats!   

Here is the front side:

Here is back side 1:

Here is back side 2:

(Supplies: fabric- Joann's and Beverly's Fabrics, sewing machine & other notions)

What do I mean by back side 1 and 2?  When I bought the bandana fabric, I only got 1 yard for a totally different project.  Then I decided to use it for the placemats and went to get more.  Apparently, they were different and didn't even notice till I began to pin them together!  Luckily, mom was ok with it. :)

Whole set:

I hope she liked them. :)  And I hope you enjoy your weekend.  Thank you so, so much for stopping by.  It warms my heart when you do.  :)

Happy Crafting,

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